Trawell - Multi Vendor App

If you want to make your next trip an unforgettable experience, then look no further than Trawell

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The Challenge

A Multi-Vendor Traveling App

To make travel easier and more convenient for customers, one of our clients, Trawell, came up with an idea and shared it with us. They wanted a revolutionary new app that would revolutionize the way we find affordable packages for our trips. Instead of having to deal with individual agencies, Trawell allows users in multiple countries to share their space and information so everyone can benefit. Clients are guided through selecting an appropriate rental car or travel details while being kept up to date on any changes. Also, they can pick the best package for them on an easy-to-find website.

The Trawell App

Plan Z Dev proudly presents the world’s largest travel community “The Trawell App”. The best trip advisor who can manage all the planning across the world will do everything for you, from booking affordable flights to advising on what destinations are worth visiting, and hotels down selecting sightseeing spots so that it is easy as pie! This is where you will find out all about how to plan your perfect trip. So all the traveling agencies, rental cars, restaurants can earn money by renting out your vacation rental, home, or vehicles.

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