Grogo App

The Grogo App provides a beautiful, easy-to-use platform for both vendors and buyers. It’s an e-commerce grocery aggregator with a smooth user experience and a minimalistic outlook.

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The Challenge

Multi-lingual Grocery App

The client required an app that could support multi-lingual languages such as English and Arabic. We had to make sure that it didn’t spoil the user’s experience. The grocery mobile application should be able to track the nearby stores to the user’s location so they can deliver it as soon as possible.

The Grogo App

Plan Z Dev proudly presents “The Grogo App”. It’s a multi-lingual grocery app. To ensure a hassle-free experience, this app was designed in both English and Arabic languages. We made sure that it doesn’t spoil the user interface when the language is changed. While developing an e-commerce grocery aggregator, we ensured that it had a smooth user experience and a minimalistic outlook.

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