Magellan Companion App

Magellan offers you to discover the beauty of Pakistan. They specialize in planning your dream vacation!

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The Challenge

How it Begins

In an effort to make travel easier and more convenient for customers, one of our clients, Magellan, came up with an idea and shared it with us. The idea is that they require a resourceful app that will catalog all your trips in one place so you can search by destination or dates without having scheduling conflicts. The company states that they will provide their 5000+ customers this season with all their customized and easiest possible ways through which human effort can be reduced greatly while still maintaining quality service for everyone who wants it!

The Magellan App

Plan Z Dev proudly presents “The Magellan App”. This successful solution has been one of the most complex projects in PlanZ history. This Companion App will serve as a tool for those who want to discover the beauty of Pakistan, with all possible and available resources put together in one place! The app offers different packages of hotels, travel, and rental cars with amazing tourism guidance.

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