Bazar Grocery Store

Bazaar provides a beautiful, easy-to-use platform for both vendors and buyers. With readymade dashboards, you can get started with your business immediately!

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The Challenge

Grocery At Home

Nowadays, people are more likely to buy their groceries online instead of going out. So, according to the needs of the people, Plan Z Dev wanted to develop an app or website where users could compare the prices of the products and choose what’s best for them in terms of quality and quantity as well! Plus, doing it online not only saves time but money as well.

The Bazar App

Plan Z Bazar is a white-label revolutionary grocery app developed by PlanZ Dev that provides everything you need in one place. This app provides all the necessary categories that a grocery store requires, which include (fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc.). A one-stop solution where you can easily buy your groceries with just a click. With our White Label Ready-Made Product, any grocery vendor can easily create an online store.

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