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We specialize in solar power projects, providing a one-stop solution from design and manufacture all the way through installation.

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The Challenge

Asset Performance Management

The client required to create an app for solar energy. The main purpose of this app was to create an environment for greening up the country and providing statistics about power balancing, generation graphs as well site pictures including the date of site installation and activation. As well as a load analysis of power, energy, inverter, and GEC with monthly reports.

The Solcraft App

Plan Z Dev proudly presents “The Solcraft App”, which provides a solar power solution with a one-window approach, from design and supply through installation. Solcraft is an EPC company that not only provides customers access to top-quality equipment but also employs highly trained technicians who can handle any size job at their own pace without compromising on efficiency or output. They cater to all types of sectors, from public to private, with different solutions, which include technology or financing mechanisms.

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