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Identify new areas. Generate innovative ideas.

Identify new areas. Generate innovative ideas.

The world of today is an opportunity-rich environment for entrepreneurs with new ideas to create solutions that will change the future. This requires creativity, imagination and a unique point view on what's coming next so you can identify market opportunities before others do! We help our clients identify new areas where they can innovate, generate ideas and qualify concepts that will fill the pipeline of growth.

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The Ideation Discovery Process

New inventions, fresh ways of doing things, creative solutions to problems.

Inspiration can come from many places, like different products. One product may inspire you to create something new, and the next could give rise to an entirely different idea.
The more ideas you have, the better! With a little creativity and initiative, you will soon have an overflowing mind full of innovative ideas for your customers.
Some people have an idea and they just go with it, but that doesn’t work. Instead, find out what the best thing to do is. Test different ideas until you land on one that fits your needs perfectly.

How We Work

Ideation Discovery -> Discovery Workshop -> Prototype -> development -> Test

Ideation discovery
Creative brainstorming is the key to successful innovation.
Discovery Workshop
Plan Z’s Discovery Workshop is the perfect way to get inspired and find your inner creativity.
prototyping helps test out a concept before implementing it in the real world.
Innovative ideas are at the heart of our company. We take pride in developing new solutions that meet users’ needs.
The best way to get feedback on your ideas is by testing them. After developing solutions, we test each one.

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Frequently asked questions

Plan Z Dev wants to help you solve your most pressing problems. That’s why we always begin with a free consultation and then dive into problem-solving together!

Idea generation tends to be one of the most important and effective aspects of problem-solving. The first part of idea generation is the creative process. A group of people gets together to generate ideas and solve problems. Since idea generation happens in a group setting, it is easier for more people to brainstorm, which creates a higher probability of generating better ideas. The second part of idea generation is selective implementation. The idea that is selected through brainstorming is the one that is put into practice. Idea generation can help solve a variety of different types of problems, like an increase or decrease in sales or production, increases in expenses or labor hours, or finding new techniques in your chosen industry.

Today’s business environment demands more from us than ever before. We need to be bold, creative, and innovative. No longer can we get stuck in the modes of old thinking. The first step to being truly creative is to learn how to break free of your old thought patterns and how to question the way you do things and how some things have always been done. Ideas become revolutionary when we apply intellectual power to our areas of expertise—when we create links between seemingly unrelated information and when we adopt new perspectives, looking at the world differently. A revolution in thinking unleashes a revolution in action. At Plan Z Dev, the team of experts helps you use these creative approaches to unlock your creative potential and develop a different way of thinking about problems.

To ensure that your idea is solid, share it with others so that they can provide you with a third-party perspective on what may be added to it. In addition, list all of the advantages and disadvantages of the idea so that you can anticipate issues in the future. After you’ve completed all of these steps, you should put them into action.

Idea generation is a strategy used in various forms of market research; the idea generator is responsible for finding ideas and creative ways to gain information. A variety of techniques can be used.

  • Brainstorming is a team creativity process in which team members generate a list of ideas. The purpose of brainstorming is to increase the number of ideas for solving a problem, finding new ways to look at something, or creating a product or service.
  • Storyboarding is a valuable visual technique to use when trying to develop new ideas or solutions. By using pictures, such as graphs and charts, key points can be effectively illustrated. This tool can also be effective when trying to solve problems that seem to involve too many contributing factors to sort out.

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